Environmental Management System

Fermilab recognizes the importance of maintaining an Environmental Management System (EMS).  An EMS is a set of practices and processes that enable an organization to monitor its environmental impacts – both positive and negative – via an ongoing cycle of planning, implementing, evaluating and improving performance. As part of our EMS, Fermilab routinely evaluates its operations and targets operations and activities where environmental improvement is achievable.  The core tenants of our EMS are outlined in the Laboratory's senior level policy document, the Fermilab Directors Policy.

Fermilab is not only committed to environmental compliance but also to responsible environmental stewardship.  As a Department of Energy facility, Fermilab is required to have an EMS. Fermilab has further formalized its environmental stewardship commitment by becoming ISO 14001 certified. Fermilab first became registered to the ISO EMS standard in 2007 and currently maintains its registration via a third party registrar.

Fermilab's Environmental Management System (EMS) - Policy Highlights

Click here for PDF version of the Policy Highlights.

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