Green Purchasing

The Sustainable Acquisition (SA) program is one aspect of Fermilab's Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization program and helps Fermilab to reduce its impact on the environment. SA focuses on the purchase of products that are efficient (in water or energy use), contain sustainable components (either biobased products or alternative fuel use) or contain recycled content. SA should be considered for every purchase Fermilab makes.

Fermilab's stock room supplies common use products for the Fermilab community, including a number of "green" products to help minimize Fermilab's impact to the environment.

Fermilab employees can purchase disposable plates and other dining products that are made from 100 percent recycled content.  The stock room also supplies energy- efficient light bulbs, non-toxic cleaners,

remanufactured toner cartridges, and continues to search out "green" alternatives for other stock items.

Cafeteria Purchases Energy Star Dishwashers and disposables made from corn

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