Sustainability Management Team

The Fermilab Sustainability Management Team is responsible for overseeing laboratory progress toward meeting Fermilab’s sustainability goals. These goals compel the laboratory to maximize energy and water efficiency, minimize chemical toxicity and harmful environmental releases, particularly greenhouse gases, promote the use of renewable and other clean energy, plan for the impacts of climate change, and conserve natural resources while supporting core mission activities. The SMT advises laboratory management and informs the laboratory community regarding sustainability goals and achievements.

Energy Management Andy Martens
Sustainable Buildings Andrew Federowicz
Clean and Renewable Energy Greg Gilbert
Water Use and Management Martin Bentivengo
Fleet Management Brian Niesman
Sustainable Acquisition Gordon Bagby
Waste Management Mike Pfaff
Measurements, Funding and Training Andy Martens
Electronic Stewardship Kimberly Myles
Climate Resilience Eric Mieland
Travel and Commuting Bill Pellico
ELM Liaison Wally Levernier
WDRS Liaison Deanne Randich
Communications Liaison Leah Hesla
Science Liaison – TD Oliver Kiemschies
Science Liaison – AD Bill Pellico
Science Liaison – ND Cindy Joe
Admin. and Coordination Jenny Thorson